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You may have noticed that there are many people on WhatsApp groups who send different types of fonts and colorful text. You can also do this.

This style is provided by using the special characters on the keyboard WhatsApp; however, the colorful text and the fancy fonts are additional components.

It is possible to change the style of the text when you want or for your WhatsApp bio.

You can change the font on WhatsApp using three different methods. Firstly, you can use the symbols in WhatsApp to make text Italic, Bold, or Strikethrough. You may, however, change the color of the text to blue by setting up the Blue Text App as your keyboard. The tool will type the colorful text on WhatsApp.

We have included the fancy font generator tool for the users who wish to create colorful fonts and using this tool you will be able to create different types of fonts; you just need to copy and paste the text on your chat window and send it to your friends.

This article will guide you in making colorful texts or making stylish texts for WhatsApp using a step-by-step process.

1. Change WhatsApp Font Color [using Apps]

The color of a text on WhatsApp chat or WhatsApp status fonts can be adjusted using any app, as WhatsApp does not officially provide this capability.

You will need to use the app ‘Blue Text: Keyboard + Converter’.

You can use this app to change the color of your GBWhatsApp text that you have typed and you can set it as your default keyword. Every time you type something on WhatsApp, it will take on a blue color and your friends will also see it as blue text.

Let’s start these steps to change fonts on WhatsApp using an app:

  1. You must first download the Blue Text app on your Android device. Simply launch the app, tap on the three-line icon, and then select the keyboard option.
  2. You must enable the blue text keyboard on your mobile phone before you can use it on WhatsApp.
  3. In order to select the blue text keyboard, you will have to hold the space button on your keyboard once you have reached the type-pad.

You can now type any text and send it to anyone using the WhatsApp Blue text app, which will be delivered in blue color after you have set it as your default app.

You have to do that to your WhatsApp colorful text, but the same app is only available for Android devices.

The text generated by this application is only available in the color blue, and this is definitely a con of this app.

β¦Ώ Advantages:

  • You can easily add unlimited texts to your WhatsApp chat simply by typing the letters directly into the chat window once you have enabled the keyboard on your Android device. If you wish to use this keyboard, you must set up the default keyboard option. You can change the default keyboard option later by holding the space key.
  • You can type a message and simply copy and paste it into WhatsApp if you don’t wish to make the keyboard your default keyboard option. This option is available on this app and is considered to be the best feature.

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2. Color Text Generator:

You can easily send fancy-style text to your friends with the help of online font generator tools.

You can use this method to send any font style into someone’s WhatsApp chat simply by typing the text you wish to send and the tool will create hundreds of different font styles available for you to choose from.

You do this by selecting a font from a list of different ones, then copying it and pasting it on the chat window. After this is done, simply tap the send button and the same font style will be sent to the recipient.

Let’s change the font style by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit our website’s font generator tool. You can find it under Fancy Font Generator.

Step 2: You will now find the option to type the text. Enter your text there and different types of fonts will be generated & displayed to you. Choose a font from the list of fonts and paste it into your WhatsApp bio.

Step 3: You have to tap on the text that you want to copy and copy and paste it into a chat on WhatsApp and the same format will be delivered.

You can use this method to generate different types of fonts with lots of styles, and you can add more fonts by tapping the ‘load more fonts’ button. Currently, you are unable to generate colorful text with that tool. Instead, you can add colorful emojis to make the text font more appealing.

β¦Ώ Advantages:

  • By clicking on a button, you can generate hundreds of fonts you can then use as you please. If necessary, you may also load additional fonts.
  • The font generator allows you to copy and paste text even if it consists of a single word or a long sentence.
  • It is a free and easy-to-use tool that works both on PC or Mobile browsers. Like if you are on WhatsApp Web, just directly use it on your PC to type and generate text and send it to your friend by copying it.

Note: Your mobile device does not support all fonts if you are using an older version, whether it is an iPhone or Android, so you should update the phone to the latest version, and all fonts that were not supported before will be supported after you have updated your device.

3. Change Font Style in WhatsApp without any app

You can make the text bold, italicized, or strikethrough on WhatsApp while you send it in a personal or group chat.

You can change the text font style on chat by using these special characters at the beginning and the end of a text.

It is the easiest and most convenient way to bold text, make it italic, or strikethrough any text. You may also use a default type of font, which is the monospace format of text in the same manner.

Let’s dive into how you can do this and the special character you should use for this:

πŸ‘† Create Text Bold on Chat:

If you want to type text by making it bold you have to add a star * symbol at the start of the text and at the end of the text.

The text will be displayed in preview mode once you typed the symbol in this manner and you can then send it to someone else’s chat by simply tapping on the send button.

You will notice the change in text style after you close the line following the star symbol *. If you wish to bold a part of the text within a WhatsApp chat or in your bio, you may use this feature.

πŸ‘† Make it Italic:

You must include the underscore symbol _ at the beginning and end of a text if you wish to create stylish text. You will be able to deliver the text in italics after you enter the symbol and close it, and the recipient will receive it in the same style and format.

You will see the preview of the message in the chat as usual, and you can then tap on the send button, the same method you can use from your WhatsApp web interface.

πŸ‘† StrikeThrough Texts:

When you want to strike through a text on your WhatsApp, you need to use the symbol * at the beginning and end of the sentence or text that you want to strike through. 

In the same manner, you now see the preview of what you wish to send before you tap the Send button on your WhatsApp chat, where you can confirm and send it.

Even if you wish to strikethrough any text in a document or a series of sentences, this method will assist you in achieving what you desire.

You are able to use it on a single word or a phrase, along with all the other features, such as adding emojis.

πŸ‘† A Special Font: Monospace

You may add a special font that is called monospace font on your WhatsApp chat that is a little bigger than the normal size, just add the symbol “*” at the beginning and end of a sentence or word to generate this font.

4. How to Change Font in WhatsApp Status or Bio?

The online tool can be used to help you protect your WhatsApp message and use it accordingly on your WhatsApp chat if you are using an iPhone device. You can also use the WhatsApp default features to send the different styles of text using a special character that is discussed above, and you can do the same on your iPhone or iPad.

We recommend using the online tool for this purpose; you can send stylish text on WhatsApp as there are many types of fonts available.

The Bottom Lines:

If you wish to change the font style, you can use the basic WhatsApp feature that permits you to send bold, italicized, and strikethrough text in the WhatsApp chat and if that is not sufficient you can use an online tool to produce WhatsApp fonts for use in the chat.

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