4 Easy Steps to Join a WhatsApp Group Without Admin’s

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If a user has been invited to join a group on WhatsApp, they are able to join that group.

You cannot reuse the same link to join the group once you have left the group unless the admin re-adds you to the group.

You may rejoin the WhatsApp group by either registering with a new mobile number and using the same invitation link you already have or by requesting the admin to add you again if you were previously removed.

After leaving a WhatsApp group, if you were the admin of that group, the admin permissions are transferred to someone else or to the group’s remaining administrators.

Join a WhatsApp Group Without Admin
Join a WhatsApp Group Without Admin

Now, if you plan to regain that position, then you must rely on the current administrator of that group.

The BEST part.

There will be no problems until you have done this in your own interest, and if you receive everyone’s support, you may be able to rejoin the group.

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Yet, what should one do if he/she is removed from a WhatsApp group by someone or the admin?

You can add a lot of members to a WhatsApp group, and you can share audio clips, video clips, and pictures.

If you have just selected ‘Exit Group’.

You can ask the group administrator to add you back if you are familiar with them. Since it is a friend, it is easier to approach it.

If you are not the admin of a WhatsApp group, you cannot create a WhatsApp group invite link. However, you can join the group using another WhatsApp account.

Note: You don’t have to re-join all of the groups if you recently switched your mobile phone or handset and want to use WhatsApp on the new device.

You may join a WhatsApp group by using the group invite link or by asking the administrator to join you.

1. Admin Removed from WhatsApp Group: Ask Other Admins

If an admin has removed you from a group, reach out to other administrators (if there are any) and ask them to reinstate you.

Here are the steps to rejoin a group after being removed by an admin:

Step 1: Open the group information, i.e. the participants.

Step 2: Get the contact information for the administrator.

Step 3: Ask them to add you to the WhatsApp group by reaching out to them on WhatsApp.

It is as simple as that.

You can only do this if there are other admins present in that WhatsApp group to request to add you again.

2. Join WhatsApp group without admin permission

As the only administrator in the group, you should assign an administrator to that group while you are leaving, or you could make your other alternative account an administrator.

You can ask any member to send you the group invite link so that you can rejoin the group.

You can create a new account and join a group with the invite link if you have the group invite link and do not require admin permissions to join.

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You can join a WhatsApp group by following these steps:

Step 1: To rejoin the WhatsApp group, obtain the joining link for the WhatsApp group and click on that link.

Step 2: Ensure that you have not previously joined the group with that number. (If you are using another WhatsApp number)

You should request to become the administrator of that particular group again from the other admins.

You may, however, use your own invite link if you had it with you.

3. Join Using WhatsApp Beta

You may also install the WhatsApp beta version on your phone as another option.

You may then request that a member of the group send you the link to the group. Next, click on the link you wish to add, and then confirm the link.

In order to rejoin the WhatsApp group, you don’t need admin permissions. You can join immediately without an invitation.

4. Using Third-Party App

If you want to rejoin a WhatsApp group without admin permission, there are two ways to do it. The first way is to use the Group Manager app. The second way is to use the WhatsApp Web App. Both methods require that you have the group’s ID and password.

The Group Manager app is available for both Android and iOS devices. To use it, open the app and search for the group that you want to rejoin. Tap on the group’s name and then tap on the Rejoin button. Enter the group’s ID and password, and tap on OK. You will now be able to join the group without any further restrictions.

The WhatsApp Web App is available on desktop browsers and mobile browsers. To use it, open the web app and enter the group’s ID and password. You will now be able to join the group without any further restrictions.

How to Create Group Link in WhatsApp?

I am sure many people have questions about what a group link is and how to create one in WhatsApp.

It’s quite simple. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: You will find an invitation link in the group information of any group you are interested in.

Step 2: You can then click on it and wait for the link to be created. Then, you can send the link to those who wish to join the WhatsApp group as well as copy and paste the link into your email.

You can also use the QR code to get added to the group without being invited.

This option is available only if you do not wish to proceed, or if someone else has already added the person.


Why can’t I add my friend to a WhatsApp group?

When you are unable to add a person to a WhatsApp group, there could be a couple of reasons. Either the individual left the group recently and blocked the admins, or the individual changed her settings so that no one can add her to any WhatsApp group.
Recent updates to WhatsApp include the addition of a privacy setting. You can grant permission to either your contacts or to nobody to add you to a WhatsApp group.

Can I exit from a group when I am an admin there?

You may leave a WhatsApp group if you are the only admin, but this action cannot be performed in a single step. You will have to take a few steps to make another person an admin of that group before you leave it.
You must make someone who is a member of the group the administrator.

How to add yourself back into that WhatsApp group you left?

You must seek assistance from the group administrator if you have left your WhatsApp group. First of all, you must be added as a normal member of the group by the administrator. He will then be able to make you an administrator of the group.

The Bottom Lines:

According to this article, you can use the following methods to rejoin the WhatsApp group if you leave due to some circumstances. You can easily rejoin any WhatsApp group if you have the group invite link.

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