WhatsApp Plus APK v14.00 Download ( Official Anti-Ban)

People’s use of cell phones brought about a revolution in communication. Everything changed. Then the security of communication became a critical need. People came up with new solutions because of this need. Because of that, WhatsApp blew up in popularity.

There are almost 1 billion users now. In this article, we’re going to talk about WhatsApp Plus, which is a sister app with a lot more features. So, we can all send and receive messages securely. Make sure you read the whole thing. Let’s find out how. before that, I invite you to visit Gbapks for other Whatsapp mods that might interest you.

What’s more, Whatsapp Plus APK doesn’t ask for any hidden fees so you don’t have to worry about it. With Whatsapp Plus APK you can impress your friends with the best features.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

GBWhatsApp is another approved APK version of WhatsApp. Users like it because it’s not as restrictive as the original. With WhatsApp Plus you get to customize the normally boring app in your own way. You’re mainly aiming at people who install it just to say they’re on something big.

Whatsapp Plus Download
Whatsapp Plus Download

Apart from that, WhatsApp Plus lets you use multiple accounts, hide online status, and use blue ticks for your reserved needs. The customizable options, high-quality image downloading, and more can impress your friends. It’s a good place to hide your writing status, especially if you have no idea how to respond.

Note: Most people believe that using a modified version of the original WhatsApp application can result in its ban. Our page contains anti-ban APK download links, so this is not true. WhatsApp Plus APK can be downloaded and used on any device without getting banned.

WhatsApp Plus APK Developers:

One of the most widely downloaded modified versions of WhatsApp is WhatsApp Plus APK, which Rafalete developed in 2012. Here’s how to install WhatsApp plus Android’s latest version. Click below to get it.

Besides Rafalete, two further developers, HeyMods and AlexMods, have also developed versions of WhatsApp Plus. This version is available through HeyMods. Compared to Rafalete’s version, this one is very similar. Both versions have similar features. This HeyMods version has one additional resource. APKs can only be accessed through this method after they have been downloaded.

The Rafale version occupies more space. Our recommendation is to use the Rafale version rather than the HeyMods or AlexMods versions. There is no APK update available for AlexMods. In addition, it doesn’t work on a lot of Android devices. There was a bug fix update, but now it doesn’t install.

Below are the links to download WhatsApp Plus APK.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download: (Editor’s choice)

App NameWhatsApp Plus
Size51.7 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up
Last updated05 Dec 2021

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