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Details about GBWhatsApp APK

  1. GB WhatsApp version introduction
  2. Will GB WhatsApp account be banned?
  3. Hidden features of GB WhatsApp
  4. The difference of GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp
  5. How to uninstall GB WhatsApp?
  6. How to delete GB WhatsApp account
  7. FAQ about GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp version introduction

GB WhatsApp stands as a modified version of the widely used WhatsApp messaging application. Developed by third-party developers, GB WhatsApp offers users an alternative experience with additional features and customization options not found in the official WhatsApp app.

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Will GB WhatsApp account be banned?

WhatsApp official may track the modified app regularly, but the developers of GBWhatsApp APK also secure the apk file to avoid being banned. However, if your phone number is of great importance, we recommend you to create a new account on GBWhatsApp. One can be used normally. What's more, go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup > Frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, or never). Select Daily option which can help you backup chat history of GBWhatsApp.

Please note that if your account is valuable, you're not supposed to use GB WhatsApp for a long time. Just keep using official WhatsApp and create a new account for GB WhatsApp for additional features is a better choice.

Another method to safeguard your account involves briefly using GBWhatsApp and and then switch GBWhatsApp to official WhatsApp without losing data. By backing up the data, you can smoothly transfer GBWhatsApp data during the short time usage to WhatsApp by restoring.

Hiden Features of GBWhatsApp

Message Blue Tick :

GBWhatsApp new updated modified the function of the traditional appearance of whatsapp blue tick, replaced with different styles. Users can choose the style they preferred.


Plenty Themes :

While official WhatsApp only support three themes: system default, light and dark, GBWhatsApp provide 4000+ themes for users to choose. Such a wide range of themes attract large numbers of users. Just go to the built-in themes store to choose one you like to install. It will completely change the appearance of the app, including the color scheme, background images, and icon styles.


Customize Fonts:

GBWhatsApp offers a variety of custom font styles, users can go to Themes section to choose Font Style. As you can see below, many different font styles are there for choosing. After selecting a font, apply the changes and restart the app if necessary to see the new font in effect. This enhances your personal style in ways that the official WhatsApp cannot.


Auto Reply:

Auto-reply feature in GBWhatsApp allows users to set automatic responses to incoming messages when they are unable to reply in time. This feature helps alleviate the urgency of the message sender. Actually, WhatsApp Business, as a separate app designed for small businesses, also offer this message feature. Personal WhatsApp accounts can't use this but GB WhatsApp overcome it.

DND Mode :

DND mode which means "Do Not Disturb" mode, allows users to hide message notice without completely exiting the app. It's a temporary setting where users can still send and receive messages, make calls, and use other features of the app as usual. It's useful for maintaining focus, especially during times when you're watching videos or involved in an online meeting.

Airplane Mode:

Once you enable airplane mode, GBWhatsApp will disconnect to the Internet and silences incoming calls, messages, and notifications. It gives a completely quiet environment. Most users use this function under these circumstances: avoid interruptions during meetings, presentations, sleeping time.

Save Status:

Users who are accustomed to status updates expiring within one day may never have considered the possibility of saving statuses in GBWhatsApp new updated in 2024. Status updates may contain valuable information that you'll want to revisit later. In such cases, the "Save Status" function in GBWhatsApp provides a convenient solution without the need for external recording tools.


This feature entices many WhatsApp users to switch to GBWhatsApp. Curiosity compels users to want to view what their contacts sent, or fear missing important messages that may be revoked by contacts. With this capability, you can check revoked messages at any time, eliminating the need to constantly monitor your phone.

Share High Resolution Images:

In official WhatsApp, images may be compressed to save phone storage and speed up sending. GBWhatsApp removes this limitation, allowing users to send high-resolution images to contacts without needing alternative methods like email.

Hide Last Seen Status:

By enabling this feature, users can control their privacy by preventing others from seeing the last time they were active on the app. This valuable feature is particularly useful when users prefer not to publicize their online activity.

Hide Typing Indicators:

Sometimes, we need time to craft our responses, but the "Typing..." notification at the top of the message box can create anxiety. To alleviate this pressure and provide users with more freedom, the developers of GBWhatsApp have developed the "Hide Typing Indicators" feature.

Customize Online Status:

Go to "Privacy and Security" in GBWA's setting menu, you'll find this option. You can also find the "Who Can See My Status" section under Privacy settings, which is set for selecting specific contacts to see your status.

GB WhatsApp advantages and disadvantages compared with WhatsApp

Official WhatsApp is widely used around the world, but some users are not satisfied with its current features. In response, GBWhatsApp was created. The developers have removed certain limitations, releasing the latest version of GBWhatsApp to offer users more functions, as listed in the table below:

Download Siteofficial
Message Tickscustomization
Large File Sending✔️
Hide Online Status✔️
DND Mode✔️
Airplane Mode✔️
Unread Message✔️
Status Download✔️
Custom Font✔️
Automatic Update✔️
Official Website✔️
For Android✔️
For iOS and PC✔️
Play Store✔️
Backup to Google Drive✔️

How to uninstall GB WhatsApp completely?

Out of curiosity, someone downloads GBWhatsApp apk file and logs in with their primary phone number to explore the app's additional features. However, they quickly regret installing it on their device or using their important number. Consequently, they seek complete removal of GBWhatsApp. Under this circumstance, simply delete GBWhatsApp app by your phone manager or long press the app icon and select the trash icon, it will be removed. After uninstall, it may pop up to remind you to clear the data.

How to delete GB WhatsApp account

  1. Tap Settings > Account > Delete account.
  2. Enter your full phone number and tap Delete account..
  3. Tap Delete account.

Attention: If you delete your account, you can't regain access to your account. Chat history or google storage backup and any channel you created will be deleted.


Q: How can I know others are using aGBWhatsApp APP?

A: The GBWhatsApp logo does not appear on your app or others', making it difficult to know if someone else is using this app directly. However, you can identify GBWhatsApp users by certain features, such as the ability to send large files over 100MB and the presence of blue ticks for read receipts.

Q:What are the popular themes in GBWhatsApp?

A: GBWhatsApp support a wide range of themes, however, too many choice may make you don't know choose which one sometimes. We searched for an article introducing some popular themes . You can refer to it.

Q:Can iPhone usersdownload GBWhatsApp?

A: Actually, GBWhatsApp only support apk format, while iPhone isn't compatible to this format. So, unfortunately, GBWhatsApp for iOS is not available. To use the app, you will need to purchase an Android phone, such as a Samsung, VIVO, OPPO, or Xiaomi.

Q:How to stop GB WhatsApp users from seeing deleted status?

A: If you're afraid of someone else use GB WhatsApp to download whatsapp status which you deleted for some reasons, these steps may help you a lot. Go to status and choose hide option, then delete it. Anyone can't see or save your status because you already hide it.

Q : Can I use the GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp at the same phone?

A : In general, it allows you to download both apps on your phone with separate accounts. However, you cannot use the same phone number simultaneously on both GBWhatsApp and the official WhatsApp on the same device, as this will cause conflicts and the account will be forced to exist on only one app.

Q: What is thealternative App of GBWhatsApp

A: There are several GBWhatsApp alternative Apps, including WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp (YoWA), FMWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, and Delta YoWhatsApp. Most of these apps offer similar features to GBWhatsApp, such as the ability to change blue ticks, send larger files, and support multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

Q:What happens if I delete my GBWhatsApp account?

A: You can delete the account successfully. But mention to delete the account properly to avoid any issues with phone number verification. It's better to backup chat history or other data for restoring in case.

Q:Can I switch from GB WhatsApp to normal WhatsApp?

A: Yes you can. Before login normal WhatsApp, you can backup messages on GBWhatsApp firstly, then restore the data in when login WhatsApp.